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SIC Association facilitates member interactions and engages with government authorities on behalf of IT companies, organizing events such as seminars, medical and blood donation camps, competitions, and awards.

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“Shaping Surat's IT Future” - Our vision is to unite CEOs, owners, and founders of IT companies in Surat. Together, we aim to enhance our IT processes, promote innovation, and foster a culture of knowledge exchange and operational excellence. Our goal is to make Surat a leading center for technological advancement, shaping Surat's IT future.


Our mission is to unite and empower the IT community in Surat, driving innovation and excellence through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the nurturing of emerging talent, with the aim of establishing Surat as a forefront of technological advancement.


Our goal is to transform Surat into a leading IT hub by fostering collaboration among IT leaders, promoting innovation and best practices, organizing knowledge-sharing events, and supporting the growth of startups and emerging IT talent.

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SIC Mission & Objectives

(SIC) aims to foster a dynamic and collaborative environment for the IT community in Surat. Its mission is to create a vibrant ecosystem that supports innovation, collaboration, and growth within the local IT sector. SIC seeks to be a catalyst for technological advancement and a hub for networking and knowledge exchange in Surat.


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